Your favourite lingerie colour – what message do you send?

Lingerie colour

Your lingerie drawer is bursting with colours – blacks, red, whites and all the other colours of the rainbow. But did you ever think of the signal you send to the others wearing a certain underwear colour? Read our all-in-one guide to different lingerie colours to find out!


Black is certainly the most seductive. The other colours are sexy too, but nothing screams out like black lingerie. Black absorbs energy to the maximum. It’s warm and active. It’s well used in lingerie to stimulate seduction. Commercially, black is a timeless fashion colour. It is associated with slenderness. People think black makes their bodies look thinner. It is also a colour of authority, power, and for the more dramatic black- creativity. Black is also in the top 3 selling lingerie colours.


Stimulates circulation, sensuality. It’s the colour of emotions. It evokes feelings of passion, love, and sexuality. This colour draws attention just like the bull to the matador. It evokes both love and rage. Down side is that it makes the wearer look a little heavier and stimulates the appetite. This colour has many biological responses including a quickening of the pulse and an increase in breathing. Wearers of the red lingerie colour will get great reactions, attention, and feel confident.

White is the sum of all other colours in the spectrum, reflects light and is considered a summer colour. The lingerie colour meaning of white is innocence and purity. White also symbolizes sterility. White has a very spiritual meaning- divine light, light of perfection, light of Christ and Buddha consciousness. This may be due to the fact that white reflects light. Wearers of white underwear do not want to bring unwanted attention. They want to come across as pure, innocent, and spiritual. With this lingerie colour you must be diligent and keep it clean.


Nude means being without clothes. It also means the colour of a white person’s flesh. The colour nude is becoming more and more popular. It has many names including skin, tan, toffee, light brown, etc… Nude is an earthy colour that is abundant in nature and is a part of who we are. It symbolizes reliability and structure. It is perfect for office settings. Women who wear this lingerie want to fit in. They do not want to be noticed for what they are wearing. They want to be natural and do not want to draw unwanted attention. It is a conventional colour that is meant to blend in and not be seen. It is one of the top 3 lingerie colours. For a little more excitement, you might try the colour chocolate. It is earthy and a dessert at the same time.


Pink is a very gentle and calming colour that stimulates feelings of innocent romance, in contrast to the lusty emotions linked with red. Pale pink draws energy and relaxes making its wearers more approachable; this makes pale pink a wonderful colour to wear on a date! It makes him at ease, energized, and the feeling that you are somewhat innocent. Pink is a very feminine colour. Women love pink. Hot pink is an attention grabber but pale pink appeals to your softer side.

Purple is a colour rarely found in nature – a fact that instantly draws attention to anyone wearing it and sometimes makes it appear artificial. Purple has traditionally represented luxury, royalty, wealth and sophistication; purple is a colour of power also has a feminine and romantic appeal, especially lighter shades. If the wearer wants to feel elegant, try out lingerie that is purple in colour.


Blue is one of the most popular colours. After all, it is found so many places on our planet: from the sky to the ocean, to baby blue eyes, to the forever-fashionable blue jeans. Blue usually produces the opposite emotional response of the colour red; blue stimulates a chemical reaction in the body, producing feelings of peace and tranquillity. In lingerie, it evokes peace yet royal blue evokes a bit of boldness. You do not hide it a blue bra with clothing. However, without a shirt, a nice blue is very peaceful like the skies above and a calm sea.


A calming and refreshing colour, green represents nature. Green is easy on the eye, and studies suggest that it may even improve vision! The colour of money, dark green is masculine, and suggests wealth. Related to this message of prosperity, medieval brides wore green to symbolize fertility and fruitfulness.

Now, what is your favourite lingerie colour?