The ultimate lingerie guide for brides to be

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Your wedding is a day when you want to look and feel at your best. Wonderful gown, veil, flowers, hair and make up…all are a part of that special day. But to feel really stunning and comfortable at the same time, you need perfect lingerie that suits your shape, feels like a second skin and will stun your groom when the lights go out and there will be just the two of you. If you are not sure how to choose your perfect bridal lingerie, read our ultimate lingerie guide to find out.


Don’t leave purchasing your bridal lingerie until the last minute. Your bridal lingerie must be purchased before you have your first fitting so that your wedding dress can be measured around the lingerie. Buying well in advance will save you time and stress, and will give you greater flexibility in choice.


The type of lingerie will depend on the style of your wedding dress. Strapless dresses require strapless bras or corsets. Dresses that are cut out on the back look best with low cut corsets, multi-way bras, or special adhesive cups or nipple petals. Never wear bras with silicone straps or back – they are not invisible and look really cheap. The choice of lingerie is nearly unlimited when it comes to bottoms. Choose the style that you like and feel comfortable in. If you prefer fuller briefs, don’t buy thongs – you won’t feel comfortable and this may ruin your day. Very slinky or sheer dresses require seamless, nude lingerie that will be invisible underneath.  Plain or silky styles are best worn under slim-fitting or sheer fabrics whereas larger, fuller-skirted dresses or those with boned bodices can be worn with suitably racy lacey numbers hidden beneath the layers! Remember about accessories such as suspender belts, stockings and garters. Colour of your bridal lingerie depends entirely on your liking, but most brides choose white, cream or ivory. Choose those that are sexy but good quality and comfortable to avoid surprises. You may also want to buy something special for a wedding night. If you want to be really sexy, pick some skimpy chemise, but if you don’t feel confident enough, beautiful silk or satin gown is also a perfect choice. If you’re not sure what lingerie suits your shape, check here: Choose a lingerie to suit your shape . If you are wearing lingerie that fits properly you will find that it will not only enhance your silhouette, but also ensure all day comfort.


Stockings and suspender belts have a classic sexy look and feel about them and are so much more comfortable – not to mention attractive – than tights. Hold ups are great on slim legs but beware if you have heavy thighs as you might find they don’t stay up so well and the last thing you want on your wedding day is falling hosiery! And of course that essential wedding item the garter is the perfect finishing touch to your bridal lingerie. Many bride’s ‘something blue’ takes the form of a baby blue satin trimmed garter, the significance of this colour being that it represents constancy and loyalty and is also an old biblical symbol of purity.


While bras and panties remain the essentials of lingerie, if you want to get the perfect silhouette, you could explore the various kinds of slimming underwear available. Fortunately things have changed considerably from uncomfortable whalebone or stiff stays that were enough to cut off circulation in the wearer; these days there are enough options made from material like Lycra and Spandex which will diminish your bulges and give your body a stream-lined look.

If you are rather flat-chested or looking to add some oomph to your look, you can try out bras with cotton, gel, or water-filled pads to create cleavage and enhance your assets. However take care to find one that feels like the real thing, since you’ll be hugging lots of people and dancing close with your new husband.


The main problem with wearing the wrong bra size is the lack of support your breasts will get. Wearing the wrong size can cause neck, shoulder and back ache due to the weight of the breasts pulling the bra up at the back. Wearing the wrong bra size can also mean the wires of the bra sit on your breast tissue. The wires should encase and support- not sit on the breast tissue as this causes unnecessary pressure and discomfort. You’re wearing a wrong size bra if straps cut into your shoulders, back is riding up, back fat appears over the back strap of the bra, you feel pinching on the sides of the bra or your breasts are bulging over the cups.


There are two stages to measuring your bra size. First of all you measure under your bust to find your bust size and what’s called your “bra band” measurement. Then you have to determine your cup size to get the perfect fitting bra.

Measuring in centimetres/inch and using a soft tape measure, measure your rib cage immediately under your bust. Make sure you are wearing a non-padded bra when you do this and it might be useful to get someone to help you with the measuring. The tape should be held quite firmly but should not feel uncomfortable. Measuring in centimetres, measure around the fullest part of your bust making sure that the tape measure is level at the front and back. You can now check your cup size using the bra size chart provided by producers as a guide.


After the virginal white or innocent ivory of your wedding day, your honeymoon is a chance to really push the boat out and get something daring, romantic or seductive to surprise your new husband! flirty, frilly, sheer and see-through, or even more daring styles will work wonders on your amorous other half. Black or coloured sets will be fun to wear and could ensure you have a honeymoon to remember. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s comfortable. Hot weather honeymoons call for lighter textures where probably simple bra and knickers sets will be best. If you’re honeymooning in a colder climate then fur accessories could add a thrill. Taking along different lingerie styles will keep him guessing too. You may not be planning to wear anything at night but some sexy sleepwear could be just the thing for those hot summer evenings away. Cute 1960s-style baby doll night dresses are fun and silky teddys or satin camisoles and shorts are lovely too. Don’t forget to take a long silky robe to preserve your modesty in the hotel though.

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