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Women buy lingerie to feel sexy and boost their self-confidence. But that’s not the only reason. A reason behind most of the skimpy lingerie buys is a man. No matter if it’s a first date or another hot night with their long term partner, they want to impress, fascinate and seduce. The best weapon to achieve this is lingerie – but what do they really like? What lingerie will help you to quicken his pulse and guarantee the both of you an unforgettable night?


Most men confess they like lingerie of red or burgundy colours. Red is a colour of passion and provokes corresponding associations. Woman wearing red is perceived as confident, passionate and sexually skilful. Such women know how to please herself and her partner. It is very likely that people’s attitude to red as a colour of passion is just a stereotype but it really works! Black is also very popular. Black lingerie is sexy and at the same time romantic, especially if the set is almost transparent and all her curves are seen beautifully. Some guys like white lingerie, but it should be snowy white, not dirty or pale white.Pink and blue lingerie is NOT sexy, men say. So, dear girls don’t think that if you think it’s cute your partner will think the same. Bright or skin-toned colours are also not the perfect ones. Men like to see what you’re wearing and follow the curves of your body with their eyes. Anything that distracts from this is less than ideal.


Men definitely prefer silk lingerie as this fabric adds much brightness to the colour and thus makes it look twice (or even more) sexier than cotton. Cotton lingerie is something men don’t like much. It looks too simple… but perhaps this is just about lingerie that has no lace, transparent insets or pleats on it. Sheer fabrics and revealing lace are also a must if you plan to seduce him.


It’s important that you feel great in your outfit, and it’s hard to do that when you’re adjusting straps, readjusting a thong, or scratching because your outfit itches. Pulling, picking, and scratching are things men notice from a block away. Just like fashion trends are not all created equal, not every lingerie style will flatter your fab figure, and if it feels uncomfortable, it’ll look uncomfortable, too (see Choose a lingerie to suit your shape)


Attempting to take off complicated garments that they may not know how to remove can kill a mood quicker than asking “How do I take this off?” Don’t assume that they know how to unbuckle, unsnap, untie, or unzip in the right order to get you naked.  Instead, keep it simple, or keep it complicated and take it off yourself (men love watching a women undress after foreplay). Give it a test drive in the fitting room to make sure you can lend a helping hand if need be.


The overwhelming majority of men told say that sheer anything is their favourite. Semi-sheer babydoll is a style that can add a little mystery to your silhouette by breaking and hiding the lines of your curves. Tulle, lace or mesh babydolls can usually give you that effect.

They also love when woman wears matching set of bra and panties. Sometimes simplicity works best and guys like seeing their women dressed up with a hint of innocence in a tank top and sexy panties. Cheeky thong is especially charming since it combines comfort and sex appeal. It looks like regular panties on the front and at the back features a thong part that adds racy touch to the style.

Besides a bra-and-underwear set, he can’t handle it when you slip on thigh-high stockings. Garter or suspender belt, as well as suspenders attached to other lingerie styles like basques, corsets, panties and waist-cinchers add savour to any lingerie look. Stockings are the sexy as they make your legs smoother and slimmer while a garter or suspender belt add another layer of mystery to your outfit. There are tons of designs of suspender and garter belts to choose from: high waist, low rise, skirted, lace, mesh and others. Garter belts have been used to seduce men for years and things aren’t about to change anytime soon. If you haven’t seduced him with them yet, perhaps it’s time the two of you invested in a couple of pairs.

As opposed to a regular T-shirt or demi bra balconette bra style is quite dramatic as gives you an extra uplift. Though it doesn’t give you a size boost and a lift of a padded or push-up bra, it might enhance your natural shape by giving it a light lift and a bit revealing look.


Many spouses sleep nude and they love it! But as practice shows partial nudity is more tempting than absolute one. Man is like a hunter. When a woman is completely naked she looks a prey that has already been caught; but a woman wearing at least one item of clothing makes her man think differently.Don’t forget  about the fact a man likes new things. Experiment with colour, texture and design of your lingerie. American scientists proved that women who like changing the style of lingerie have more faithful husbands than those who don’t bring changes into their bedroom.

And one more thing: lingerie should be worn beautifully and taken off even more seductively!

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