Evolution of the underwear


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For most of us wearing comfortable and pretty underwear is a basic element of everyday life. But underwear not always was pretty, not to mention comfortable. In the ancient times people used simple loincloths made of crude wool or linen to cover their intimate parts and keep warm. Women wore heavy and stiff leather bras. During Middle Ages and Renaissance female underwear evolved towards the heavy, quilted petticoats and long-sleeved chemises tucked into the skirts. Some historians also suggest that round about this time the chastity belts were first invented. However, only around 18th century female lingerie started to resemble sophisticated torture instruments, with tightly laced corsets squashing internal organs and garters cutting into the skin. The pantaloons and crinolines also did not make woman’s life easy and comfortable. Only at the beginning of the 20th century the underwear became more relaxed – boned corsets were replaced by much more comfortable bodices and bras and long pantaloons by panties. The advancement of technology made fabrics softer and more pleasant to the skin and the styles more relaxed and flattering. With the shortening of the skirts stockings and suspender belts became important elements of lingerie drawers. After World War II the manners became much more relaxed and the revolution in underwear followed. The lingerie became more revealing and was worn not only to cover the body, but also to emphasize shapes and as a part of the foreplay. These days it is difficult to imagine a wardrobe without sexy, tempting, colourful and comfy panties, bras, corsets and chemises. They are a part of our everyday life, day in day out. The choice out there is almost unlimited and everyone can own some sexy pieces without spending the fortune. Hard to believe? Check out www.e-lady.co.uk and see for yourself.