Buying lingerie for your woman – a quick guide for guys

Sexy lingerie online shopSource: OK Magazine

Buying lingerie for wife or girlfriend is something that most men are dreading. There are so many colours, textures and styles, plus all the different sizes make the whole process even more tricky. However, girls love receiving lingerie as a gift from their loved ones. This short guide is here to help men make the right choice and please their beloved with a gift to remember.

Buying online can be beneficial, since there are descriptions for products you may not know about, and you can see how the lingerie is worn on the models. Most online sites also deliver lingerie in plain, non-descript packaging so if you live with your significant other, they won’t know what you ordered.


The trickiest part is choosing a style that you are both going to find attractive. Again, this is where high-end stores will increase your success rate because most of their stuff is catnip to females. You still have to put some thought into your girls’ personal style when choosing though. If she’s a girly-girl, stick with the bows, frills and polka dots kind of stuff. If she’s an alternative kind of girl, take some cues from the “boudoir”-style choices of burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese. If she’s the dark, mysterious type, try some secret-agent style garters and corsets in black lace. Most people look at clothes in stores the same as they already have, so if you know she has a favorite, you can always use this style as a guide to choose a similar design and play it on the safe side. The best way to ensure your lady wears your gift (as opposed to “forgetting” about it) is to buy something you already know she likes. Buying the style she prefers makes her more comfortable. Of course you want the lingerie to fit her and it is essential she likes your present, but playing it too safe can not be the best option. Go bolder and buy something she will not buy herself. Stay true to her style though.


Knowing your woman’s size is the most important step of this entire endeavor. It’s like the foundation of your home: without it, you got nothing. Think about it, there is no way you can buy the wrong size and have it turn out okay. Too large and she’ll be wondering if you think she’s really that big. Too small, and she’ll think you’re hinting that she needs to lose a few. Fortunately, this is also the easiest step of all. Just take a look inside her lingerie drawer. If you don’t have access to her lingerie drawer, then you can try checking the size while she’s in the shower or some such. If all else fails (for example, she cuts all the tags out of her bras and panties), just ask. If her size is impossible to figure out, opt for a piece that doesn’t require precise sizing: a babydoll, pajamas or a luxurious kimono.


Choose fabric that is comfortable. Though you may enjoy it, a leather and vinyl body suit may not be what she is into. Don’t buy cheap, scratchy fabric that may give her a rash. If you’re buying a gift, pay the extra money to get something nice. Be aware of any fabric allergies she may have (latex, etc).


Most girls follow fashion trends and will hardly wear a piece that’s old-fashioned. She can make an exception to please you though, but you will hardly see her in the lingerie you gave her anywhere else outside your bedroom. If you aren’t sure, just ask sales person, or check out websites featuring latest lingerie trends.


Unfortunately, lingerie is like jewellery in that without exception, the pricier it is, the better. Women are not materialistic, it’s just that unfortunately most of them have a lot of garbage body issues that can be triggered by crappy cuts and cheap materials. On the other hand, super high-end women’s lingerie has a magical effect on the feminine silhouette, kind of like beer goggles but classier. It will make your girl look shapely, proportionate, supported and like the very sexiest version of herself. And because that makes her feel really good, soon you’ll understand the true meaning of “sexy underwear.”

In case you can’t spend much on the present opt for a sexy lingerie accessory or a pair of silk stockings. A lovely suspender belt, a mask or a garter can be a great gift which will spice up your nights. Variety of stockings is huge. You can opt for a simple pair of nude stockings to make your present practical or invest into a pair with back seams, polka dots or any other erotic pattern for her to wear it for you only.


Some types of lingerie or accessories may not necesserely be the greatest idea for a gift, even for a woman you’re very close with. Some are just too risky, and your lady may think of them as rather inappropriate. Steer clear of bodystockings, cupless, crotchless, & cut-out styles, glitter, rhinestones, feathers, fringe, tassels, “strappy” or “cage” looks, pvc, vinyl, and polyester to be on a safe side. Don’t buy anything with cheeky slogans printed on them. Anything with bells or ornaments or “costume” lingerie as it’s called, is incredibly impractical for daily wear: buy at your own risk.


You can always ask for help from a professional employee in the store you are planning to buy your present. They are trained to assist in situations like yours. Don’t forget to ask for gift wrapping which will make your present even more special. Some high-end stores even offer personal shoppers, and it might be worth enlisting their services, especially if you have very specific needs.

Finally, if absolutely nothing works, buy her a gift certificate. Shopping for lingerie together makes a fantastic date!