Whose role is it to buy lingerie?

Strange question for some but in the same time disputable for others. How it should be exactly? Does bying lingerie belong to men or women only (as long as they are a couple) or maybe it does not matter at all?

Lingerie should be bought by men

This is quite a popular opinion as sexy lingerie can be a perfect gift to a woman. It is always a sensual, erotic gift and a subtle suggestion “I would love to see you in that”…
The gift of lingerie is reasurring in the way that it means that the man is thinking about the woman and that the woman is still sexy to him. Sexy lingerie can spicy up your night(s), be an introduction to a little different, more special night, maybe even with some role-playing 😉
Every woman enjoys receiving gifts, especially when she can wear them, so does it mean that buying lingerie should be truly men’s responsibility?

Lingerie should be bought by women

Men buying women lingerie sounds great, but what if men are not sure what to buy, what size should it be or if the chosen style would not be too provocative to their lovers? What if women do not trust their men enough to buy something so intimate as lingerie? And what if women want to do the unexpected and show in a newly bought lingerie? There is probably no better surprise for a man than finding his partner in something really sexy.

men buying lingerie women

It’s simple, buy lingerie together

Men are known for short interest-span when they are on a shopping-spree with their ladies. Everything changes when buying lingerie. Lingerie is a promise, a lure for imaginative minds. But it is also a great opportunity to let him know your preffered style, size or colour of lingerie. If later he wants to buy lingerie as a gift, he will know what will make you happy.
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In the end, lingerie is not for one, but for two.