Sexy costumes – hot or not?

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Every now and then we all have a desire to get into someone elses skin, even for a little while. That’s why people love dressing up for parties – it gives them the opportunity to shed their own skin, behave differently and turn into a superhero they always wanted to be (at least until they have to put the white shirt back on and get back to real life). The same applies to bed; dressing up is a well known method of spicing up sex life! Lingerie designers and manufacturers seem to understand this very well, and the market is flooded with an overwhelming variety of sexy costumes, designed to seduce and grab partner’s attention. But before you embark on a journey filled with sexy secretaries and nurses, ask yourself a question – is it for me?

If you think that your sex life is boring and you’re brave enough to try some dressing up, then you definitely should! Sexy costumes are known to reveal a sex godesses in the shyest of damsels. If you’re adventurous and are sure that your partner appreciates variety and novelty, just go for it. With the choice available on the market you can be anyone you please, from a (fairly) modest schoolgirl, through a sassy nurse to a tough and incorruptible police woman. Or you can be someone else each night if you prefer to.

If you’re not sure about the whole idea of dressing up, too shy to go all the way, or simply not sure of your partner’s reaction, start with introducing accessories rather than the whole outfits. This will allow you to see how you feel and how you both like it. You can go for nurses hat or stethoscope, a tie, a pair of handcuffs or whatever else you can think of. But don’t just bring them to bed, use them and make them a part of this special night. After you get used to accessories you can start introducing whole costumes – we’re sure he’ll appreciate it.

For you to feel good and relaxed your sexy costumes must be well fitting and comfortable. The approach to buying sexy costumes should be the same as to buiyng lingerie, so try as many as you can until you find the perfect one. Don’t go for the cheap “one size fits all” options – they’re just not fit for the purpose. if you’re not sure about the sizing, don’t be afraid to ask the shop assistant, they’re trained to provide the advice in such matters. Remember to match the costume for the occassion. Wearing latex cat-woman costume on a hot summer’s night may not be the best idea – you’re likely to turn into a sweaty, pulsating tomato which isn’t sexy, is it? And always remember, don’t put yourself under pressure; if you’re not ready to wear something or if you’re in no mood for dressing up, don’t try to force yourself – you’ll end up frustrated and the night that was supposed to be unforgettable will be all spoiled.

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