Say hello to satin

For years, women have been using satin garments, clothes and underwear. Its luxurious look and feel are the secret behind satin’s popularity – and not withiut a reason. Satin is technically not a type of fabric, but a type of weave that results in a glossy surface but a dull back. It is the smooth and lustrous surface of the fabric that gives women the feeling of richness and sensuality, especially when worn as satin underwear. In centuries past, satin was one of the symbols of wealth and nobility; and this concept remains up to this very day – but its a luxury that’s now affordable for everyone. Satin lingerie is truly sensational among women and men alike. The glossy, supple surface emphasis femininity as the comfortable, dull surface clings to a woman’s every curve. In other words, satin clothes can help a woman feel and look beautiful – inside and out!

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There are numerous uses of satin, from bras and panties, to corsets, to luxurious night dresses and dressing gowns – all created with that special feeling in mind. Satin is particularly loved by brides – satin bridal lingerie is feminine but with a touch of innocence, just the way you want to be on your wedding day.

Sexy satin lingerie online shop

It’s useful to know how to care for your satin lingerie – otherwise this luxurious material will lose its core beauty, its sensual smoothness. Always read the labels and follow care instructions. Generally, satin should be hand-washed and ironed while damp. However, great quality satin may be machine-washed. Nevertheless, hand washing is preferred for satin underwear with laces, ruffles and accents regardless of its quality. This is because most embellishments get easily damaged when machine-washed.

Satin lingerie is so feminine and easy to wear you’ll be reaching for it every day – and night. So give in to temptation and let a little glamour into your life!

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