Lingerie lingo revealed

Sexy lingerie - babydolls, chemises, corsets, satin nightwear

How many times did you shop for lingerie and read all these meaningless names, wondering what they mean? Well, you won’t struggle any more. Simply read our comprehensive, all-in-one guide to lingerie lingo and enjoy your lingerie shopping.


Adjustable back – The back of the garment has multiple settings to allow for individual sizing preference. Typically, adjustments are made with hook-and-eye closures.


Babydoll – Lingerie or nightgown usually designed with a empire cut waistband and a-line cut, loose and swaying skirt section falling anywhere from naval to mid-thigh.

Back seams – Referring to the seam that runs up the back of some stockings. A very classic and sexy look that helps accent the curves of the legs.

Balconet bra РBra styled to create a lifted, fuller round look with push up features, wide straps and a low cut d̩colletage.

Bodystocking – A snug fitting one piece hosiery item that covers the body and legs. Can be worn as hosiery or a very sexy one piece to drive him wild!

Bustier – A waist-length, strapless garment that looks like a long bra. It may have detachable straps and garters


Camisole – A tank top worn either as underwear or outerwear. Often sold with half-slips or tap pants

Chemise – A beautifully fitted bustline with a relaxed gown, hemmed below the hip, but above the knee; often held up by thin spaghetti straps. A chemise is generally longer than a baby doll, but shorter than a dress. Sometimes worn as club wear but often the perfect way to tease your man

Chiffon – An extremely light, thin and sheer fabric usually made of nylon, rayon or silk.

Corset – A glamorous and fashionable piece of lingerie used to slim the body and make it conform to a fashionable silhouette. Heavily enhances a curvy figure, by reducing the waist, and thereby exaggerating the bust and hips. Often packaged with a matching panty or thong.

Crotchless – A style of panty with an open crotch area or slit in the crotch for easy access.


Denier – The measurement unit used to describe the thickness of the fiber in a garment. The lower the number the thinner the fabric.Used mainly for hosiery.


Embroidery – Decorative designs made from needlework or machines.


Fishnet – An open mesh fabric that has the appearance of netting and is often used to make stockings.

French knickers – Panty style with elastic waist and wide cut, open or flare legs that fit loosely.

Full brief – A panty style that rests at the waist and has full bottom coverage with a low leg line.


Garter – Originally garters were used to hold up stockings but now used as a bridal accessory or just to add that sexy special touch.

Garter belt – A intimate accessory that fits around the waist and hips with straps to hold up thigh-high stockings. The back and straps are typically adjustable.

Gown – A long dress or sleepwear item, usually floor or ankle length.

G-string – A panty with a fully exposed buttocks (just a string or thin strand in the back) – often comes with baby dolls, chemises, etc.


Halter-neck – A short, bra or undergarment style where the fabric wraps behind and around the neck for support. Halters may tie, clasp or be an uninterrupted piece of fabric that slides over the head.

Hipster – Panty cut a little higher than bikini, about 2 inches from the navel.

Hot pants – Shorts or panties that ride just above or at the bottom buttock crease.


Lace – delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open web-like pattern
Lace-up back – A closure in the back of a garment, such as a bustier that is a fashionable adjustment device.


Mesh – A style of material with fine, evenly spaced holes.


Open bust/tip – Style where little or no coverage is provided over the breast and nipple. Open refers to the entire breast, tip typically to the nipple.


Panty – A general terms for women’s undergarments. Panties come in a variety of styles but are specific to coverage of the female region.

Patent leather – An imitation or synthetic leather that is smooth and shiny; Leather that has been treated with lacquer to give one side a hard, glossy surface.

Petticoat – An underskirt usually a little shorter than outer clothing and often made with lace

Push-up cups – Bra cups with padding designed to enhance and push up breast to create flattering cleavage. Padding is sometimes stitched into the cup and sometimes removable.


Robe – A loose outer garment worn as loungewear or dressing gowns, for warmth and comfort.


Satin – A shiny woven fabric made from silk or rayon with a smooth, glossy finish and dull backing.

Seamless – A style of fabric and/or garment designed and built without seams or lines to create smooth appearances under outerwear and for comfort.

Stay-up – A style of stocking or hosiery with a rubber grip stitched into the top edge to prevent the stocking from slipping or falling down.

Stockings – Hosiery covering from over the knee or mid-thigh to the toes – often has lace or elastic to help keep them up. If not the stay-up type garments with garters or garter belts are needed

Suspender belt – Similar to a garter, suspender belts are designed to secure at the waist and have straps to clasp to stockings.


Tanga – Pantyhose with a heavier inset at the top that looks like a built-in high-cut panty. Some have a T-shaped built-in panty.

Tap-pants – Women`s boxers with short, full, high-cut legs. Takes name from tap-dancing costume of the 1930s. Worn as a panty or slip, sometimes as sleepwear.

Teddy – a snug fitting one piece lingerie item that resembles a bustier, extends down between the legs as a thong, and ends up fastening to the back of the bodice. Teddies can resemble anything from a harness to a full fledged zippered, hooked, and laced corset with an attached thong. Some teddies come with garter belts attached.

Thong – An underwear style for both men and women with a thin fabric back that rest between the buttocks.