Lingerie accessories – a perfect way to top up that sexy look

We all know that accessories are very important. They may create or ruin the entire look, give our outfits the finishing touch and boost our self confidence. Our wardrobes are full of jewellery, belts, bags and other bits and bobs – but how about the lingerie accessories? There is a wide selection of accessories available on the market, which are designed to make you look great in your lingerie and to spice up your sex life. Here’s a guide to the most loved (and sexiest) lingerie accessories.


Sexy lingerie accessories online

Every woman is a lady deep in her heart and, as we all know, all ladies wear gloves. This simple accessory is both sexy and elegant. We love gloves because they add a touch of mystery to our look. They are perfect to wear with sexy lingerie as they create an impression of being covered – and what’s covered is even more seductive than what’s uncovered. You can choose from a huge selection of gloves, but elbow-lenght models made of satin, lace or sheer mesh are the sexiest.


Sexy lingerie accessories online

Hold-ups may be easier to wear and more comfortable, but real stockings worn with suspender belts are what’s turn the guys on the most. This timeless accessory was used by generations of women to drive guys crazy – why not use this ancient wisdom and try it on your man? There is a wide selection of suspender belts available on the market, from built up waistcinchers designed to hide what needs to remain hidden, to very skimpy pieces. They come in a variety of colours and fabrics to match any lingerie.


Sexy lingerie accessories online

Garters are not just for brides! This unassuming little accessory can add an extra oomph to any lingerie or sexy costume – try for yourself and see his desire burning. Don’t go for the traditional white and blue, though – any other colour will be better if you’re not a newlywed.


Sexy lingerie accessories online

So small but so seductive, self-adhesive nipple covers are designed for adventurous women who love to surprise their partners. If you’re bored with bras and corsets, try these for a change – you’re guaranteed to grab his attention and keep it for a long time. Choose from nude (perfect to conceal nipples under a sheer blouse or dress if you don’t want to wear bra), lacy, coloured or covered in sequins. If you brave enough, you may want to try nipple covers with tassels – a real cracker of lingerie accessory to drive him mad.

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