How to care for your lingerie?

Caring for your sexy lingerie

Lingerie tends to be tricky to care for. It is usually made of thin, delicate fabrics, such as silk, satin, nylon mesh or lace, which quickly discolour and lose shape if improperly washed and dried. Since we spend a considerable amount of money to look good in our lingerie, we want it to stay nice for longer. How to do this? Follow our advice and you’ll enjoy your sexy lingerie for longer.

The best method of washing the lingerie is hand washing. But how to find a time for that in your busy schedule? If you don’t have enough time for hand washing, use washing machine. Remember to set it for the lowest possible temperature and avoid harsh detergents which may damage the fabric. Always use a laundry bag and a mild detergent designed for delicate fabrics. Never mix dark and light colours and don’t place lingerie in washing machine with fabrics such as jeans or terry cloth, which have abrasive surfaces that damage delicate fibres of nylon and silk. Fasten all hooks, zips etc. to prevent tangling and hooking onto other items. And always remember to reduce the spin speed to avoid creasing and deformation of your lingerie.

Lace lingerie should never be laundered in a washing machine. Always hand wash it, using mild detergent and cool water. Don’t scrub to vigorously to avoid damaging fibres and avoid wringing.

As a general rule you shouldn’t use dryer to dry your lingerie – hot air damages fabric and thin, elastic fibres that give lingerie its shape and make it fit nicely. As a result your bras and panties become deformed and loose. Drying lingerie in the full sunshine or on the radiator is not an option too – it will fade or get yellowish or grey tinge. The best method is line or flat drying. Always re-shape lingerie before drying to remove excess creasing and avoid deformation. It’s especially important for padded bras, which deform easily. If you have to use a dryer, set it for a low temperature and reduce drying time – lingerie is usually made of thin, quick drying fabrics, so there’s no need for for long drying. Use antistatic sheet, especially when drying man-made fabrics, such as nylon stockings. Otherwise you’ll end up with dresses or skirts clinging to your legs.

Do not iron your lingerie, unless absolutely necessary. In such situation use gentle steam setting and do not touch the fabric. You can also place a thick, white towel over the ironing board and use a press cloth between the iron and the item you’re ironing. Avoid ironing over embroidery and thin mesh inserts.

Remember to always read a label attached to your lingerie before washing and drying. Even if you have to remove the label for some reason, always keep it in a safe place for a future reference. Never attempt to wash items that are intended for dry cleaning only, as this will cause a permanent damage. Do not soak your lingerie and never use a bleach, even on whites. Wash your lingerie regularly and avoid excessive soiling and staining – this will reduce the need for high temperatures and harsh detergents.

Last, but not least – storage. Store your lingerie in a dry drawer, away from sunlight, strong smells and sources of moisture. Never overload the drawer as squashed items may become creased or deformed. You can separate your panties, chemises or bras by placing a layer of thin parchment paper between them. You can get a paper that is slightly scented or place small scented sachets in a drawer, to give your lingerie a delicate, fresh smell. If you’re afraid you may have a clothes moths, use lavender scented sachets.

As you can see, caring for your lingerie is not as tricky as it seems. Just a little bit of TLC and your favourite lingerie will remain nice and sexy for much longer.