Honeymoon lingerie


Honeymoon lingerie online
Whether you’re tying the knot or want to turn up the heat in the bedroom with your guy, a sexy lingerie set is your key accessory. A spicy pair of lace panties can drive him wild and make you feel like a summer siren.

Surprise your partner with a new look every night, and try to mix them up. This is your chance to express the many sexy and romantic sides of you. If you don’t normally wear lingerie, it is a real fun to dress up for the honeymoon! Start with a classic white chemise, which remains a traditional mainstay of honeymoon romance. A very sexy bra and panty set are always a winner after a nice dinner out, and if you want his memories to truly last a lifetime, add stockings and garter. Play peekaboo with your guy by wearing black thigh high stockings under a day dress. He’ll be looking at those legs longingly all afternoon.

Your basic babydolls are always classy, either with underwire or without, paired with a matching g-string. You can get any colour or fabric babydoll so there are tons of options. Corsets and garterbelts with stockings are very hot as well. Corsets also create very seductive curves as they hide any flaws and boost the bust. Long silk or satin gowns are classy and very elegant as well as sexy. A long satin gown in the color of your choice is lovely to have. Racier lingerie, strappy teddies, skirted thongs, themed costumes and crotchless panties open up a different world of seducation options. If you can comfortably wear things like that, try them, the look on your man’s face may tell you he likes it!

Make sure you also take some comfortable loungewear type pajamas on your honeymoon. The sexy stuff you wear for 5 minutes – if you want to lounge around the next morning, its more comfortable to have something more substantial to wear. Or at least take a nice robe.

If you don’t have any idea what type of lingere he likes, then just buy something that you love and that you feel beautiful and sexy in, and odds are he’ll love it too. Surprise him, or look through a catalogue with him to get an idea of what he likes/fantasizes about! You can also send him pictures of different lingerie and let him choose. If he knows you’re thinking about this now he’ll be even more excited about your wedding night! Always make sure you feel comfortable and confident in whatever you wear – uncomfortable lingerie may spoil even the hottest of the nights. If you don’t feel amazing in it, your husband will be able to tell, and it will take away the appeal of it.

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