Don’t let the lingerie ruin your looks – a perfect lingerie to wear under the party dress

Party dress lingerie

Festive season may be over, but the party season is certainly not! Sexy dress, killer heels, perfect hair and make-up are important to make you shine like a star. But how about the lingerie? Bad lingerie may ruin your entire outfit, especially if you’re rather curvy. Muffin top, flattened boobs, panty lines under a tight dress or bits of bra sticking out are not sexy! Here’s some advice on how to avoid it and look perfect at a party.


Sometimes we need a little extra help from shapewear to make a party dress look amazing. It’s ideal for smoothing out lumps and bumps for a sleeker silhouette. Some do wonders for tummies, others smooth out your thighs and others are great for giving the illusion of an hour glass figure. You can even look inches/ dress sizes smaller with them on! You can wear special bra and pants, or a body for all over support.


With seamless lingerie there isn’t a ‘bump’ at the edges of the underwear, where the fabric has been folded in on itself to be stitched. Seamless underwear is basically like leaving the edges raw, meaning you can’t get any panty or bra lines from them. It’s useful for very tight outerwear, such as bodycon dresses.


Try to match the colour of the lingerie to the colour of your party outfit as closely as possible. For light coloured, mesh or lacy dresses choose nude lingerie – it will look sexy and won’t ruin your outfit. If you have a build-up dress or a full skirt you can wear pretty much anything underneath.


The type of lingerie you will wear depends on the style of your party outfit. Open, low backs call for low-rider underwear. Never let your thong show. What to wear on top? Try stick-on-cups. Stick on bras offer well-hidden support but always make sure skin is dry when applying. However, optimum results are only achieved with A – D cups.For strapless dresses choose a strapless bra with silicone banding to hold it in place. Try a multi-way bra or basque for a one-shoulder or cross over back dress.A tight skirt requires more subtle undergarment like a thong or lace panties. If your dress is made of thin, smooth fabric choose a nude full-coverage bra with slight padding. A demi cup or anything with lace and decoration will not look as smooth. The same applies to panties – the more decoration, the more visible they are, so skip all the frills and embroidery. If you’re not sure about the lingerie suitable for a particular dress style, take your party outfit with you when buying lingerie. Ensure no part of the underwear shows when wearing your dress.

If you’re not sure what to wear, and feel comfortable in your body (and are brave enough), you can always go commando. No panty lines guaranteed!