A quick guide to stockings

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Do you want to look sexy, charming, irresistible? Wear stockings! Sexy hosiery is a must if you want to seduce that special one. If you want to switch from tights to stockings, but you’re not sure if your’e doing it right, this guide is for you.

The stockings you choose to wear should be based on the clothes you plan to wear with them. For example, if you plan to wear a colored skirt, you stockings should be a matching color. Additionally, do not get stockings that are smaller than you can wear, as they will easily tear. Other aspects of the stocking to consider when choosing the pair that is right for you include the anatomical form and transparency of the stocking. “Denier” is a guide to how thick your stockings will be. A single strand of silk is 1 denier, whereas 70, for example, is opaque (i.e. hosiery you can’t see through). The opaques are great for adding warmth and are more durable due to being thicker. The most popular choice is around 10-15 denier which gives a beautiful sheer finish and has the added benefit of slimming your leg.Stockings can be seamless or seamed – the latter come in two types, the first being the cheaper variety where the seam is sewn on after the stocking is made, the second is where the seam is used to sew the stocking together on a traditional loom, these are known as fully fashioned.

There are different types of material that stockings may be made from. The choice of your material is going to change the choice of the mood created by the stockings. Some of the most common materials chosen for stockings are:

Nylon – the most common material for stockings is nylon. These stockings are often sheer although some may be more opaque than others. These stockings can be used for professional attire as well as for going out on the town. Some have patterns sewn into them to create a more interesting look. Most nylon stockings have spandex in them for stretchiness; the amount of spandex used can change the appearance of these stockings.

Fishnet –  designed to be sexy. They may have big holes or small ones or they may be patterned to create a design.

Silk – very rare and are made of 100% silk. They feel wonderful, but you should be aware that the don’t have any stretch in them due to there being no lycra.

The quality of suspender belts is important to the level of comfort you get. The more straps the more secure your stockings will feel. The most common are the 4 straps which are usual produced as part of a set. For durability always look for suspender belts that have metal clasps. Plastic clasps can break easily and you don’t want that to happen if you sit down too quickly in the office!

You may want to choose stockings without suspender belt – these are known as hold ups. Most hold ups  have an elastic band sewn to the top that is backed with silicone on its inner surface. This ensures the hold ups stay in position because of the elastic and the friction of the silicone against the skin. The silicone can become ineffective by contact with body lotions, oils and talcum powder, as they all reduce the friction of the silicone. High quality hold ups are built so that the elastic band exerts just the right pressure on your thigh, avoiding any uncomfortable tightness or unflattering muffin-top effect.

Before you put on your stockings, apply lotion to your legs (although avoid lotions or creams when you’re wearing hold ups); this will prevent irritation while wearing them. The best way to put stockings on is to roll them on, rather than pulling them on like a pair of pants. To roll the stockings, simply roll the outside edge of the stocking to its bottom. Place your foot inside the stocking and roll it back up onto your leg. After that, stretch the stocking to remove wrinkles.

Stockings should be hand-washed, rather than washed in a machine. If you absolutely must wash your stockings in a machine, do so by placing the stockings in a mesh laundry bag before putting them in the washer. Before hand-washing, remove any rings and bracelets as they could cause the stockings to tear. You should also use a hanger to dry the stockings, rather than placing them in a dryer. When you’re not wearing the stockings, store them in a soft fabric pouch.

If you end up with a tear in your stocking, you can prevent further damage with nail polish. Apply the polish to the tear and hold the edges together. If the tear is small enough, the nail polish should hold the torn edges together and prevent further tearing. However, if the tear is too big, you will likely have to buy a new pair of stockings.

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