Untabooing the sex toys

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Sex toys can be mystifying, exciting and shocking all in one fail swoop. Our guide will tell you how to go about purchasing your sex toys without being overwhelmed.


First of all, you need to figure out figure out what kind of life you lead and what kind of sex toy will best fit into that lifestyle. For some people buying a sex toy for the first time is akin to overcoming a huge fear and for that reason it is vitally important that you know your own sexual hangups. Everyone has at least one sexual hangup so be honest with yourself. If something looks too big for your comfort then don’t buy it. If you don’t even like the color of something then don’t buy it. Sex toys are meant to be fun and if you feel bad about your toy you won’t enjoy it.


When you’re buying your first sex toy your budget will probably be one of the biggest factors in your choice. Starting with less expensive sex toys is a good way to experiment, but just getting the cheapest thing in the sale without thinking about if it’s right for you may lead to disappointment. Remember to look at customer reviews as well as price.Luxury sex toys really are worth the extra spend: they’re made from better quality materials, they’ll last longer and they’re usually rechargeable so you can recoup the cost of batteries. However, it’s sensible to know what you like before you splash out on an expensive toy that will be with you for the long haul.


If you’re in a hurry to get your new sex toy then there are obvious perks to running to your local sex shop but if you are taking your time and you want to get the best bang for your penny then consider shopping online. There are far more options in variety, color, brand and price online.


Adult sex toys are plentiful—they are manufactured in different sizes, shapes, colors, functionalities, and textures. The process of choosing the ideal beginner’s sex toy starts with the admission that women do have different stimulation preferences, which is precisely why sex toy manufacturers create a variety of adult toys. Do you prefer clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation (G-Spot), or the simultaneous combination of the two? Identifying your own personal preferences places you in a position to save money, time, and effort.

Vibrator is the toy most likely to make the biggest difference to your sex life. Many women have their first orgasm with a vibrator, and most women find it easier to reach orgasm with a vibrator then by any other way. If you buy only one vibrator, we recommend buying one that uses an electrical outlet rather than batteries: they last longer (potentially decades) and they never run out of power just as you’re about to have an orgasm. Even if you already own an outlet-powered vibrator, picking up a separate battery-powered one can still make sense: the smallest of them can easily be kept in a purse, you can use them more discreetly and spontaneously and they may be more convenient for partner sex if you and your partner like to change positions a lot. Some of them can be used in or near water.

When you want straight-forward satisfaction, you should reach for a dildo. Available in many different colours, shapes and sizes, dildos are designed to provide penetrative pleasure unlike anything else. In all sorts of exciting colours, shapes and sizes, dildos are designed with ergonomic curves to stimulate all the right spots – the fact that they don’t vibrate doesn’t lessen their potential to give pleasure.

G-Spot dildos and vibrators are more popular than ever. G-Spot sex toys feel wonderful, and they can help you find the right magic spot, which also improves intercourse for many women. While a variety of styles and designs do exist, most women have reported that they prefer their G-Spot sex toys with vibrations, slimmer and longer shafts, and shaft curves.

Lastly, kegel excercisers for strong muscles. Why? Strong kegel muscles mean a stronger response to arousal and more powerful climaxes, as well as a tighter vagina and improved continence. Whether they’re a set or a system, kegel exercisers are specially designed to help you progress quickly when toning your pelvic floor. it’s the most pleasurable way to work out!


When choosing a sex toy, the material is something that should be as important as the speeds, price and function of it. What feels good for one person won’t feel so hot for another, some people have allergies (such as a latex) and others are eager to avoid phthalates. Glass sex toys are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and beautiful appearance. Glass sex toys have the ability to be heated up or cooled down to enhance your pleasure. Jelly rubber is one of the cheapest materials around and can be shaped and coloured to almost any specification. Skin-safe rubber is now often used as a substitute for jelly rubber, offering similar properties but without phthalates. Latex is a form of rubber that can be made into some amazingly stimulating shapes. It feels flexible and fun and has a smooth finish. Hard and hygienic, plastic transfers vibrations extremely well and allows firm, strong stimulation. It’s also compatible with all lubes and easy to clean. If you prefer a velvet touch but want the same firmness, look for smooth coated plastic.Silicone is often used in designer sex toys and is championed for its non-porous finish and hypoallergenic properties.


For almost any kind of penetration slippery is sexy and dry is usually uncomfortable. So basically, a bottle of lube is a fundamental thing to have on hand if you’re sexually active. Since oil-based lubes destroy latex condoms and silicone-based lubes are only good for very specific situations, a water-based lube is almost certainly what you want.


These silicone sex toys only require little soaping and water to clean them. Silicone sex toys can be cleaned by sterilizing it in boiling water for at least three to five minutes. This method is safe to say to kill any germs that stuck to the silicone sex toy during or after sex. Rubber jelly-like sex toys have a porous surface and you can’t remove all of the bacteria and germs on it. To clean rubber made toys, wiping them with some soap and rinse it with warm water should be enough, as they can’t be boiled. Just like silicone based sex toys, glass toys are also easy to clean and sterilise with soap and water. Do not boil it like the silicone toy because glass toys have the tendency to break in high temperature environments. Of all the materials for sex toys, this one is the easy to clean of them all. Again with the use of some soap and warm water would do. A good practice is to use antibacterial wipes before and after sex, on all types of toys.

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