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When it comes to the lingerie, the variety available on the market can give you a headache. All the styles, colours, fabrics may be a bit overwhelming when you’re not sure what you’re looking for. But there are certain types of lingerie that are a “must have” and create a perfect base around which you can start to build up your lingerie collection. Here are the 7 basic lingerie types every woman should have in their lingerie drawer.


Classic bra and knickers set is an absolute must have. Choose it wisely – if it fits well and has a timelles style you won’t need to worry about changing fashions. Black lingerie is known to make you look slimmer and men truly love it! Make sure it is good quality and made of decent fabric; cotton often looses shape and fades over time, so we wouldn’t recommend it. Lace, satin, or good strong mesh will be a much better choice if you don’t want to bin it after several washes.


Try to have at least 10 pairs at any time – you will not run out even if you forget to do the laundry. Perfect bottoms are those that come in a set with bra; it is a well known fact that lingerie sets simply look better than mismatched panties and bras. If you don’t want to buy sets, make sure that your bottoms match the majority of bras in your wardrobe; if most of your bras are red and black lace, maybe you shouldn’t buy those pink cotton thongs? (unless you really, really want them). Don’t go for the cheapest option as the more expensive stuff will last longer and save you money in the long run. Have a decent selection of styles to make sure you always have a a matching panties for each outfit – you don’t really want to wear cotton boy-shorts under that sexy, tight fitting dress, do you?


If you are an owner of white or sheer blouses, you need a nude bra. Don’t believe your granny when she says that white tops call for a white bra. Choose a good quality model that fits well and gives your boobs a nice shape. Smooth fabrics, such as satin or microfibre are the best, as they don’t show under the top, even if it’s very tight. Skip lace, frills and rich embroidery; they’re cute but not fit for the purpose.


No matter what sports you choose, you need to protect your assets. Good quality sports bra may not be sexy but gives you support and protection when you run, cycle, dance or walk; your boobs will thank you by staying shapely and firm for longer. Make sure that it fits perfectly, has no wires and hard elements and that you feel comfortable. With sports bras there is no compromise – the more expensive the better. Cheap models won’t support your breasts, will rub your skin and make you sweat more.


A lot has been said about the corsets. One thing is clear – they’re by far the sexiest lingerie ever invented. They give you a perfect feminine shape, even if you have a rather boyish figure, boost your self-confidence and drive men crazy. Good quality corsets are expensive, but well worth the money; well cared for corset will see you through the years to come. If you’re not sure how to buy a perfect corset, make sure to check out this: All you need to know about corsets


They come in a variety of styles, all you need to do is to choose one that you like and look good in. Sexy babydolls and chemises are indispensible when you want to look great for your man and add a little bit of spice to your sex life. Don’t spare your money on your nightwear and it will not fall apart even after the wildest night. Satin, mesh, lace, microfibre, frills, embroidery, sequins – here everything is allowed. Most babydolls and chemises come with the matching bottoms, which saves you time trying to find a good pair to go with them. If you plan to wear stockings, it is worth to invest in a model with built in suspender straps.


Last but not least – creme de la creme of the lingerie. A perfect finishing touch to all nighttime and daytime outfits, which makes you feel fabulous no matter what you do. Good pair of stockings is something that each woman should buy and cherish as their treasure and a hidden weapon. If you’re new to buying stockings checl out our Quick guide to stockings.

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