Candles for a romantic night

Whenever you are planning a romantic night, candles are almost always on your to-do list. Turn off the lights and place a few candles in the bedroom, and suddenly the room in encompassed by magic and promise. The flickering of the candle light seems to enliven our senses, give almost a spiritual feeling.

What about scented candles? Well, those affect also our sense of smell (and some believe also taste), helping us relax but also relate nice aromas with good feeling and pleasure. It becomes especially apparent if you use the same type of scented candles for all your romantic nights.

Scented candles and other types aroma-related pratices belong to aromatherapy praticed for more than 5000 years, when ancient Egyptians used essential oils in massages, baths, and the embalming process. Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University, has found that certain scents produce changes in blood pressure and other physiological responses comparable to those achieved through meditation.

We use candles to set the mood, create an atmosphere and stimulate our senses, so obviously E-Lady has something for your next intimate moments. Try Petits Joujoux Candles, luxurious massage candles that turn into heated massage oil when lit. Handcrafted from natural ingredients including jojoba oil and shea butter, they are a wonderful journey for the senses available in six enchanting scents inspired by six lovely places from all over the world: Athens, London, Paris, Rome, Orient and Waikiki.